Fountain Valley Classic Car & Truck Show

This event is a partnership between City of Fountain Valley, The Fountain Valley Community Foundation, and D & P Classic Chevy

Join us for the 17th annual Fountain Valley car show in the
Fountain Valley Sports Park

June 10, 2023

Car Show Rules & Regulations

By attending the 2023 Fountain Valley Car Show, I hereby consent to the use and publication of any photos in which I or my vehicle may appear, either intentionally or unintentionally in whole or in part. I understand that all photographs are the sole property of Surf City Car Shows, D & P Classic Chevy, and their assigners.  Entrants and participants by accepting the terms of the show, will hold harmless D & P Classic Chevy, City of Fountain Valley, all vendors, State of California, DJ’s, and food vendors, their officers, directors, employees, agents representatives, or anyone connected with the presentation of the 2023 Fountain Valley Car Show from any known and unknown damages, injuries, losses, judgments, or claims from any causes what-so-ever that may be suffered by any entrants or participant to his person and property. Property insurance provided by the city of fountain valley.

No loud music, burn outs, low riders, BBQ’s or alcohol. Rain or Shine Show.  No refunds.